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Project Description

ReportGenerator converts XML reports generated by PartCover, OpenCover or NCover into a readable report in various formats.
The reports do not only show the coverage quota, but also include the source code and visualize which line has been covered.

ReportGenerator supports merging several reports into one.
It is also possible to pass one XML file containing several reports to ReportGenerator (e.g. a build log file).

The following output formats are supported by ReportGenerator:

  • HTML, HTMLSummary
  • XML, XMLSummary
  • Latex, LatexSummary
  • TextSummary
  • Custom reports


Also available as NuGet package:

Additional information about ReportGenerator can be found under Resources.

Author: Daniel Palme
Twitter: @danielpalme


The screenshots show two snippets of the generated reports:

Screenshot Screenshot


ReportGenerator is a commandline tool which requires the following parameters:

    ["]-targetdir:<target directory>["]
    [["]-historydir:<history directory>["]]

   Reports:           The coverage reports that should be parsed (separated by 
                      semicolon). Wildcards are allowed.
   Targetdirectory:   The directory where the generated report should be saved.
   Reporttypes:       The output formats and scope (separated by semicolon).
                      Values: None, Html, HtmlSummary, Xml, XmlSummary, Latex,
   SourceDirectories: Optional directories which contain the corresponding source code
                      (separated by semicolon).
                      The source files are used if coverage report contains classes
                      without path information.
   History directory: Optional directory for storing persistent coverage information.
                      Can be used in future reports to show coverage evolution.
   Filters:           Optional list of assemblies that should be included or excluded
                      in the report. Exclusion filters take precedence over inclusion 
                      filters. Wildcards are allowed.
   Verbosity:         The verbosity level of the log messages.
                      Values: Verbose, Info, Error

Default values:

   "-reports:coverage.xml" "-targetdir:C:\report"
   "-reports:target\*\*.xml" "-targetdir:C:\report" -reporttypes:Latex;HtmlSummary
   "-reports:coverage1.xml;coverage2.xml" "-targetdir:report"
   "-reports:coverage.xml" "-targetdir:C:\report" -reporttypes:Latex "-sourcedirs:C:\MyProject"
   "-reports:coverage.xml" "-targetdir:C:\report" "-sourcedirs:C:\MyProject1;C:\MyProject2" "-filters:+Included;-Exclude

A MSBuild task also exists:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Project DefaultTargets="Coverage" xmlns="" ToolsVersion="4.0">
  <UsingTask TaskName="ReportGenerator" AssemblyFile="ReportGenerator.exe" />
    <CoverageFiles Include="partcover.xml" />
    <SourceDirectories Include="C:\MyProject1" />
    <SourceDirectories Include="C:\MyProject2" />
  <Target Name="Coverage">
    <ReportGenerator ReportFiles="@(CoverageFiles)" TargetDirectory="report" ReportTypes="Html;Latex" SourceDirectories="@(SourceDirectories)" HistoryDirectory="history" Filters="+Include;-Excluded" VerbosityLevel="Verbose" />


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